Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner



TOAST LIME AVOCADO                                                        $9.00
FRUITS SALAD                                                                     $10.00
with seasonal fruit, yoghurt and home-made compote
SONOMA TOAST (2 SLICES)                                          $5.50
Choice of: Soy linseed quinoa / Sourdough / Turkish / Fruits toast / Gluten free with butter and your choice of vegemite, nutella, marmalade, peanut butter or home-made jam
EGGS YOUR WAY                                                      $9.50
Choice of fried or poached or scrambled eggs on toast
BACON & EGG ROLL (BBQ SAUCE)                         $8.50
BREKKIE BURGER                                                      $13.00
With fried egg, bacon, avocado, fresh spinach, cheese and spicy capsicum relish
BIG BREKKIE             $18.00
Eggs, bacon, chorizo, mushroom, herb roasted tomato, hashbrown and toast
VEGAN EATER                                          $16.00                                                        Herb roasted tomato, mushroom, avocado, hashbrown, spinach and toast
Two poached eggs with hollandaise sauce on English muffin with choice of:
1. Ham                                                                                     $14.00
2. Salmon                                                                                $16.00
OMELETTE comes with sourdough toast
1. Smoked salmon, goat cheese and beetroot relish         $16.00
2. Skinny – (4 eggs white) spinach, olives and fetta           $15.00
RICOTTA BUTTERMILK HOTCAKE                                       $15.00
with fresh fruits and compote
FRENCH TOAST                                                                     $14.00
on brioche with maple syrup, fresh fruits and compote
Bacon or chorizo                               $4.00
Mushroom or spinach                       $3.50
Avocado                                              $4.00
Halloumi or fetta cheese                   $3.50
Eggs (2)                                               $5.50
Hashbrown                                         $3.00
Herb roasted tomato                         $2.50
Smoked salmon                                 $4.50
                                                              LUNCH / DINNER
BRUSCHETTA                                                                                            $9.50
VEG. SAMOSA (2PCS)                                                                           $7.50
Curry puff stuffed with potatoes, green peas, spices and wrapped with pastry and deep fried and served with mint sauce
BUTTER CHICKEN CURRY                                                                $17.50
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in the tandoori style and covered in a mild creamy tomato sauce served with basmati rice
TOMATO GARLIC PRAWN                                                                         $18.00
Peel king prawn, leaving tails intact cooked in a rich home made tomato sauce with olives and served with Sonoma toast
ANTIPASTO PLATE For one / for two                              $17.00/ $30.00
ATLANTIC GRILLED SALMON With chips and salad               $19.90
SALT PEPPER CALAMARI With salad                                                 $13.00
FISH AND CHIPS                                                                                           $15.00
Crispy battered fish, chips, tartar sauces and garnish salad
                                                                        BURGERS SERVED WITH CHIPS
AUSSIE BURGER                                                                                             $16.50
Lean meat beef pattie, bacon, egg, cheese, caramelized onion, tomato, lettuce with Smokey BBQ sauce
MOROCCAN CHICKEN BURGER                                                         $15.00
Cucumber, tomato, Swiss cheese and lettuce
PRAWN AVOCADO SALAD                                                                     $17.00
with mixed lettuce, cucumber, tomato, capsicum and balsamic vinaigrette
TANDOORI CHICKEN SALAD                                                                 $16.00
with mixed lettuce, onion, cucumber, tomato, capsicum, fetta and mint sauce
(Check Display fridge  or check with our staff for new breakfast specials and soup of the day)